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   Permit Information Updated Jul 6th, 2024  
Information Related to Pennsylvania Deep Gas Well Activity
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About MarcellusGas.Org

The MarcellusGas.Org website was created to provide easy-access information related to unconventional gas wells in Pennsylvania (Marcellus and other formations). The site was launched in September of 2010, and continually adds new features to provide members with improved information tools and resources.

MarcellusGas.Org is an independent entity that is not affiliated with any other company or organization.

Our efforts are supported by Full Membership contributions. We ask that you encourage others who are interested in information related to deep gas well activity to participate as Full Members so we can continue to provide up to date information regarding Marcellus and other unconventional gas well activity taking place in the state of Pennsylvania.

MarcellusGas.Org welcomes and encourages comments, opinions, and suggestions. Please send your comments, and let us know what you think. Use our Contact MarcellusGas.Org form to send us your thoughts.

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Information Related to Pennsylvania Unconventional Gas Well Activity

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