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   Permit Information Updated Jul 6th, 2024  
Information Related to Pennsylvania Deep Gas Well Activity
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Well Head Pricing Averages - Crowd Sourced  

Help us improve the accuracy of our pricing data bank. Please enter the current gas pricing from your most recent royalty statement - no personal information is required or requested. Current crowd sourced pricing can be view at right, and in the tables below the entry form.
  Pricing Bank Statistics:
• 6,012 pricing samples
• 159 pricing months
• 67 companies
• 28 counties
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Price Entry Form


 PA Pricing Averages

  (member submitted pricing values)
  << Choose the value that most closely matches the gas price shown on your royalty statement before any deductions for costs of production.
Month/Year Gas Was Produced (NOT the month you received the check) May/2024 is the most recent production payment month available. (why?)
  Optional: cost-of-production deductions (per Mcf)
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Gas Company
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Are you confident the price above does not include deductions for costs of production? Choose from the options at left

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$/Mcf | Month | Year | Samples | Deductions
$ 1.23 Apr 2024 22 $ 0.38   [3]
$ 1.31 Mar 2024 30 $ 0.32   [6]
$ 1.96 Feb 2024 26 $ 0.23   [5]
$ 2.45 Jan 2024 30 $ 0.15   [4]
$ 2.17 Dec 2023 35 $ 0.32   [4]
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Pricing is available for 67 companies. Help us expand this list by entering your pricing in the form above

Crowd Source Gas Pricing By Company

Company $ / Mcf Month Year Samples Deductions Past Pricing

ALTA $ 2.20 Jun 2021 2 N/A 26 months (show/hide)

AMS ENERGY $ 3.00 Sep 2016 1 N/A none available